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Is your washing machine on the fritz? Don’t get behind on your laundry routine due to a breakdown. What you need is fast repair service from a true expert, and you’re in the right place! Dr. Dan’s Appliance service provides the best local washer repair Ardmore has to offer. 

We’ve seen and repaired every washer model and malfunction you can imagine, so there’s nothing we can handle. Our certified appliance technicians also work on nearly every laundry appliance brand. No matter if your Whirlpool washer won’t start or you need fast LG washer repair in Ardmore, we’ve got you covered!

Still not convinced? When it comes to Ardmore washer repair, nothing beats experience, and we have more than anyone else! Our company has been servicing South Central Tennessee and North Central Alabama for over 35 years! So rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right choice by scheduling service with Dr. Dan’s today.

Top-Load Washer Repair

Top-Loading Washers | Stacked Washer/Dryer Combos

If you have a top-load washer not working properly, we can help. Call us today or conveniently schedule washer repair Ardmore online.

Front-Load Washer Repair

Front-Loading Washers | 2-in-1 Washer/Dryer Combos

A broken front-load washer doesn’t need to become a big problem. That’s because Dr. Dan’s is standing by ready to help fix your machine fast.

Over 35 Years of Experience

Factory Authorized Service You Can Count On!

Over 35 Years of Experience

Factory Authorized Service You Can Count On!

We Service Top Washing Machine Brands

With the sheer number of different washer models out there, you may be wondering if we’re able to service your machine. Well, fear not, because Dr. Dan’s Ardmore washer repair technicians work on all the most popular laundry brands! You can count on us to have the training and experience needed to fix whatever problem you’re experiencing. 

No matter if you’re in need of  GE, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, or Samsung washer repair, Dr. Dan’s has the the medicine your models needs to get back to work.

There’s a lot more going on inside your washing machine than you might realize. It needs to be able to power on, fill with water, spin, dispense detergent, and drain water all so your clothes come out clean. Unfortunately, that means there’s a lot that can go wrong inside your washing machine.

Not to worry though! Our seasoned washer repair Ardmore technicians can diagnose any fault quickly and accurately, then fix the problem in no time! Whether your Maytag washer won’t spin or your Samsung washer isn’t draining water, contact us today for service. We’ll stop you from being buried beneath a mountain of dirty clothes.

Some of the most common washer breakdowns we repair include:

Washer Not Turning On

Choose the Right Options...

Modern washing machines offer lots of cycle settings. Make sure that yours is set to the correct wash settings, avoiding options like Delay Start which can seem like a breakdown.

Washer Isn't Spinning

Don't Load Too Many Items...

Overloading a washer is the most common cause of spinning malfunctions. Always be aware of your model’s stated capacity and don’t overload it with too many items at once.

Washer Doesn't Drain Water

Always Check Your Pockets...

It’s easy to damage your washer’s drain pump or clog the drain hose with loose items and debris. Clean out your pockets before washing, and clean the drain pump filter regularly.

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